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Unofficial Tinder F.A.Q.

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This is normal. I get predominantly instant matches, and almost never passive ones. This is normal if you live in a somewhat densely populated area with lots of active Tinder users, and your internal score lends your profile decent visibility.

Think of it like this: In the same time, datng profile is shown to thousands of people to swipe on. The ones who see your daating before you see theirs and swipe right on you, are dwting near the top of your queue the next Tnder you open Tinder. If you like them back, you get an instant match. So in this scenario, datiing Tinder dating faq just way more likely for a certain amount of people to see your profile and swipe right, than it is for you to find that group of people first. Ergo, you get lots more instant matches than passive ones. This is especially true if your account is still fresh, or you started swiping in a new location, because that means your account is being boosted by Tinder for a couple of days, showing your profile to many more people than later on.

I almost never get instant matches, only passive ones long after swiping. There are a couple of likely explanations for this. You are using Tinder in an area with comparatively few active users. Relative to the above scenario, it is far more likely for you to see all active people before all of them see you. Tinder has decided to almost never show your profile to someone, unless you already swiped right on them. This is unfortunate, but not necessarily a comment on your real life attractiveness. Do I have to use pictures from my Facebook account?

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This used to be the case, but since a few updates ago, you can upload pictures directly from your phone. This carries the benefits of both not having to upload your dating profile pictures to Facebook, and the image only getting compressed once instead of twice. Once again detailed official information on how exactly it works is hard to come by. These bare bone versions of your profile are then shown to people to swipe on in order to rank your pics. Personal Opinion: What happened? There is a chance: If your match list extends beyond your screen, try scrolling down, looking for said message.

When does Tinder update your location? Tinder updates your location when you open the app. As long as you are inactive on Tinder, it will use your last known position. Does Tinder show inactive profiles? Usually, Tinder shows you the most recently active people first apart from certain other criteria. If, however, you have run out of active profiles to swipe on, you may encounter people who have been inactive for weeks or even months. I saw someone I know on Tinder. Only if you swiped right and they did too. If you swipe left, they will never know with certainty whether you even saw them.

If I send someone a message before I unmatch them, do they see it? No, unless they read it in the short time between sending and unmatching. When you unmatch someone, the conversation gets deleted on both ends. Does deleting my Tinder app delete my profile? No, that only deletes the app. If you only delete the app, your profile will remain visible, though less so the more time has passed since you were last active.

Faq Tinder dating

If you want to avoid a potentially very unpleasant conversation with an SO down the line, I would recommend deleting your account properly. If necessary, by reinstalling the app first If I swipe in one location, and Tinder dating faq change location, will I still appear to the people I swiped in the previous location? Yes, with a caveat. However, once you leave their maximum distance, your profile will be treated as if you were inactive, thus becoming less and less visible as time passes on. First, like a girl in the normal way to see if you instantly match with her.

If you want her to put the effort into responding, then put some effort into your message. And doing just that is Tinder dating faq common. In other words, simply breaking the ice is one of the most effective Tinder tricks for guys. The best Tinder conversation starters grab her attention, pique her curiosity, and make her want to respond to you. Here are a few examples of Tinder openers that actually work: For Tinder dating faq more Tinder messaging tips, click here. Your primary goal in any message exchange is moving things off the app before she loses interest or deletes her profile. That could mean getting her Facebook, phone number, or on a date with you.

Keep track of what lines work for you, and whip them out whenever you need them. No need to stress over being creative and witty on the spot when you can build an arsenal of go-to responses suitable for just about any occasion. For example, if she says something like: Just tell me about yourself since your profile comes up a bit short. Netflix or Nightlife? Beach or mountain weekend? White, milk or dark chocolate? Here are some signs that will let you know when to ask her out on Tinder: Ask for her number early in the interaction. That way, if her Tinder profile disappears, you still have a way to continue the conversation. You can set this distance in the discovery preferences area of the app — be aware that this is the straight line distance and so technically the driving distance is likely to be further.

Although Tinder does most of the work for you, there is a little work required if you want to increase your chances of success before you start checking out the profiles in your area. You know what a bio is right? You find them so incredibly attractive that you instantly swipe right Jackpot! You can keep doing this until either you run out of profiles this takes an awful lot of swiping depending on your search distance! Another feature of Tinder Pro is the ability to swipe in a location other than the one you are currently in.

This is known as Tinder Passport and allows you to choose any location in the world to find potential matches. This is a great feature and allows you to begin searching in advance of a trip or vacation and would allow you to get acquainted with someone before being able to meet them when you get there. Ok, I get it, I swipe left or swipe right, and I can swipe in other countries if I want, what now?! This will be dependant on their search criteria though. With all being well, you would show up on their app fairly soon after you liked them and give them the opportunity to decide whether or not they feel the same. She swiped right too, congratulations dude, you da man!

Then the fun really begins and the option to message them opens up, which brings me nicely on to… How to start a conversation on Tinder As far as dating apps go, Tinder is quite frankly, ruthless. Most women write a pretty detailed Tinder bio and have a lot of photos available for you to pass judgement. In all cases though, you have two options; take a risk and try and make her laugh or play it safe and risk appearing boring. Good Tinder Openers The safe approach Take a good look through her photos and make your ice breaker related to them or base an opening question around them. If not, go for a nice compliment or just straight up ask her how she is.

Keep it simple.

If you want some more good Tinder openers then check out the cute pick up lines and the corny pick up lines posts. Some are more risky than others but try these for size! How you doing? I find honesty is the best policy, just be yourself and answer questions without fabricating the truth… too much! When Tinder first hit the app stores, it quickly grew a reputation as a hookup app. However, since then things have changed and Tinder users are looking to do more than just hit it and quit it. Ask about any interests listed in her Tinder bio, where has she travelled, her favourite foods, Tinder dating faq she have siblings, etc.

Otherwise, match proposals do not make much sense. Word of disclaimer: Does the distance filter work in two directions? At least, that is what we unofficially know about Tinder dating faq on the basis of user experiences. So you can see everyone within your distance range, regardless of whether you also fall within their distance range apart from the age range. For example, if your distance is km the maximumyou will also see people with whom you fall outside their reach. This means that you also see people who do not see you so for example also someone who is km away from you and has set a distance range of 50 km. At least, at this moment.

When someone you have liked adjusts his or her distance filter or enters your reach, then that person will still be able to see you and a match is still possible. There is an exception situation. If you have liked someone with whom you fall within the distance range, but later no longer for example because that person is passing throughthen that person can still see you, even if you fall outside of his or her age range. Then there is still a match possible. When I open Tinder on vacation, I suddenly have a lot of matches. I better move out for sure?

Well, not too fast. Of course, it is possible that you will get a better taste in other cities or countries. But a more plausible explanation for your local Tinder success lies in the fact that you are new to that area. Tinder will treat your account as if it is new. This gives it the so-called noob boost, which makes you pop up more frequently with others. This also happens when you use the Passport function, in the paid version of Tinder. After one or two days the score of your account normalizes again, and therefore probably also the number of matches. I am a nice hetero man, but I score few matches.

Do I have to worry? Probably not. Pictures of heterosexuals score a lot less well than those of women and homosexual men. This appears at least from an analysis by the English company Rentify, which investigated the so-called success rate of Tinder photos. Photos of heterosexual women have a success rate of no less than 52 percent, which means that just over half of the men who come across the photo on Tinder swipe right. Photos of heterosexuals score an average of only 16 percent. Homosexual men are in between those two groups with a success rate of 35 percent.

Why does Tinder determine which of my photos is used as the main photo? She is active by default when you have just installed Tinder. As far as we know Tinder does this by showing users random photos from your profile and keeping track of which do and do not lead to matches.

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