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Another WGM Dust-up with Rumors of Hong Jong Hyun Dating Nana While Doing Show with Yura

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Just leave the show. Or did Nana somehow manage to break through his iron exterior? Nana reps, "Dating rumors are unfounded, they are close friends" [official statement] Source: OSEN via Naver 1. There are even witness accounts 5. Hong Jonghyun, have some basic respect please if you're going to be on these shows. TV Report via Nate 1. Even if it isn't true, Yura has nothing to lose in any of this, only Hong Jonghyun. Give me Yura if you're going to treat her like that. It's because it's a business that this is problematic. Hong Jonghyun got paid without Jonghyun and nana dating his job.

Only Yura did her job. Japan's entertainment industry for you. I don't understand why people are feeling sorry for yura. It's so weird how hong jong hyun and oh yeon seo get antagonized for having a life outside a variety show. They need to invite a real couple Who are kinda confirmed withing the company but not to outsiders and Then have Dispatch following them and BOOM They will become Real again. Seriously They should consider this. With the curse They have,I'm afraid They will break them up instead. The issue is with yura getting shafted. Most of the comments are on about how its unfair to do this to Yura and make her out to be a fool for trying so hard.

Same with Lee Join. Everyone knows the show is fake but as consideration towards the other person you're paired up with if you wanna date someone else just wait a bit. Oh Yeon Seo couldn't wait and it just made her look bad and Lee Joon got a lot of pity points because of it. I seriously think they Nana and JHJ are dating, their agencies are only denying it because there aren't any pics. I know i'm going to sound delusional but whatever.

Dating Jonghyun and nana

I've watched every ep. From what i've noticed. At datinv beginning, HJH was putting in a lot of effort but you could tell he was an introvert. Then right after they come back from Bali ep 28? All of a sudden it felt like we were back to ep.

Knetz noticed this as well and were saying there were 2 reasons for his actions. Obviously I think an the latter. But if you actually watched this couple from the beginning you will notice how HJH treats Yura differently from the start, middle and datihg. Before they start WGM, they Jonggyun to sign the contract that they won't do anything that will tarnish nanw 'single' status. Netizens are feeling sorry for Yura because she is trying so hard to make their segment appealing. And there wasn't much effort from Jonghyun's side. Surely if he is getting paid, he needs to do his job.

To all who are saying WGM is fake anyway so what. But even dramas are fake, but do you stop shipping the OTP couple? WGM is there to entertain viewers. And having a dating scandal while being on WGM, is like an actor leaving a drama halfway through. Maybe they're older so are mature. But looking at them, it all feels so genuine. I think they are one couple to look out for. The few episodes after Bali trip, HJH surely seemed a little colder. But since last episode he was nice and warm again. It is actually his personality, I don't think he is dating tbh.

Kinda feeling bad for him right now actually.

I guess in Korea people are not allowed to be friends with the opposite sex. The other nanx that is missing from these articles is the names of the other people in an friends GROUP at the amusement park It's just weird that it's been a month and all of a sudden there are Christmas rumors. Even though he may not be Yura's official BF in real life Test the water first. Who cares if theyre dating! Wgm has been a lie from the very beginning. It's his job and he is doing it inadequately. He's an actor but why can't he put on a show at least?

Oh, I forgot, he is not even that good of an actor anyway. Fans got sued because they were dating their idols though http: AKB48 currently has members?! And even among members, they singled out 1 member for her dating? What's so different with WGM? Even Haha still flirting with female guests in Running Man. It's on TV and they got paid. To say Yura is poor is ridiculous.

At the volatility, HJH was understanding in a lot of derivative but you could thus he was an idea. Daebak;;;; Totally made Yura into a key.

She knows it is all fake and she ain't her legal wife. Unless Jonghyun and Yura is official couple but suddenly news of Jonghyun and Nana secretly dating for 7 months come out, then yes, poor Yura. That is such a good idea! It would bring ratings up so fast and get rid of the omg WGM is fake thingy. Its a fake Marriage I don't understand how people expect any of it to be real. Because they're both on a show to entertain viewers and Yura was the only one that was committed in doing so. We Are Married is just a show. And I doubt Yura would be upset her pretend husband she sees every 2 weeks is actually dating when she's too busy with her idol life. Isn't it called variety show?

That's why half of them join the show especially if there's already been rumors about it. I never liked Hong Jonghyun anyways. The way he treats Yura is kind of cold and just plain rude I mean okay sure that's your personality, but this is a SHOW at least put some effort. That's why I love him!

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