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What do you do about it? Winter snow allows for snow shoeing and cross country skiing as well. With prior planning, we can help tailor your stay by providing recommendations to our favorite sites. Farm Market Address: Red Hook, NY And at the bottom, a hashtag declared: Similar poster campaigns took place at 30 other schools, including several Ivies. Is dating dead at Princeton? Is courtship — with all the attention, time, and commitment it requires — too much for students to squeeze into already-packed schedules?

With all the Princeton marriage photos filling up the back pages of Class Notes, PAW readers might be forgiven for thinking that everyone finds love at Old Nassau. The Alumni Records office knows of 4, couples in which both partners are Princeton alumni. Hwang graduated from a small Christian school in Montana, and a fifth of her graduating class of 30 married out of high school. They started dating in their sophomore year, got engaged over winter break of their senior year and, after juggling the planning of their wedding and writing their theses, they married shortly after their graduation.

They now live together in a cozy apartment in town and work as ministry interns at the Fellowship.

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