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Many of the Domination and submission games that I shared last week can be used to play around with humiliation. For an added aspect of female domination which he'll secretly love pick. The Search Conrad, the Canadian Cuckold.

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Of course, this is what your husband is talking about. I think the Internet is your best friend seraching this situation. Submiissive might have made your partner seem even more attractive in your own eyes. Rather than being intimate with you and the other guy, your husband is more interested in watching the show. Does It Always Involve Humiliation? I need tips on how how to get started with humiliationand how to meet men who are OK with having sex with me while my husband watches. There are plenty of ways for you to shame him on your own, and it will help the two of you explore your boundaries without the complications of a third person.

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A man must cuckold himself in order to save his marriage. There are lots of people out there who get turned on by the idea jan their partner having sex with another person. Another option is to try to find sex parties in your area. Jul 6, - They found that cuckold-related searches rank 2 among most searched for on female domination and erotic humiliation of the cuckold and focused more Femdom is a dominant female and submissive male relationship.

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