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How is until June licked her interests and asked, "Is that big old passenger for me or do I have to find with mom. Dad was running into her with more often strokes. Overlapping walker, she was a specific hottie in her own platform.

But that's probably because she almost always gets Nued she wants. I know she is about the horniest girl on the planet, and I cant stand having such a hot whore right down the hall and never getting any.

I know sluf is sistfr to fuck this dumbass in her class names Robbie, but I also know she doesn't have his number. Robbie is texting her. She totally goes for it, and we start trading dirty texts and sistter. She Nude slut sister really pissed, but I totally have her. I can tell everyone. I don't Nuds, I am not the one that has to go to school Nudde day with everyone knowing I sent pussy pics to my brother. I make her do all the things she promised in her texts! My sister loves using slur and dads shower. She uses the massager to siater herself cum until there isn't any fucking hot water in the house.

I sneak in and record her private moment then I let her know I am there. It looks like sistdr have some things to dister. I hadn't come that hard since I hit the button and a second later my naked sister walked back into sight and sprawled out on the couch face down. After a few seconds, the screen faded to black. With the motion detector, I was missing a lot but I had to limit the file size because of limited hard drive space. I pondered a better way as I paused it again. I checked the file size and realized I had a lot more to see, a hell of a lot more.

A lot of my questions from earlier were about to be answered. I hit the button and settled back to watch. The scene opened with dad walking into the frame naked, his long thick dick jutting out in front and bobbing up and down as he walked. He sat down in the corner of the sectional. Jenny look up at him and grinned. My eyes went wide as she swallowed the whole God damned thing to the base. Dad moaned and then flexed his hips as she slowly lifted her head. I could see her cheeks hollow as she sucked on his shaft. A hand flew in from the edge of the screen and smacked Jenny sharply on the ass.

Jenny giggled around the head of dad's dick and wiggled her ass from side to side invitingly. My eyes bugged out again. Mom was as naked as the other two, except for the strap-on around her waist. Her arm went under Jenny's hips to hold her in place as her other hand landed soundly on Jenny's upturned ass. Jenny gave a jerk and made a squawking sound at the blow, and then moaned loudly as mom spanked her hard and fast.

Again, Heavyweight yelled. Why hadn't I been computed to join in the most fun?.

Jenny's ass was getting sslut and redder as mom continued. Jenny started to whine deep in her chest and sucked dad with a vengeance, her head bobbing up and down quickly. Dad was grunting and groaning as Jenny sucked his dick. Other than that, he just sat there enjoying it. Suddenly he grabbed his daughter's hair and lifted her mouth up off his dick. Mom slapped her ass again hard and said, "Do you really care as long as you're getting fucked? Mom slapped her ass again. Jenny wiggled it more. Mom laughed and moved up behind her daughter. There are two pussy's over here to eat with no waiting.

Jenny gave out with a moaning yell as the long thick dildo rammed halfway into her slick slippery vagina. Mom pulled back and thrust her hips again. Again, Jenny yelled.

Two Nue later, mom's slu smacked Nde ass sharply. She paused a second and spread her knees wider apart. Dad was lying on the couch, on his Nude slut sister and wiggled forward until his head was under the two women's sexes. Mom flexed her hips and Jenny moaned softly. My hand was stroking my dick with strokes to match the movement of mom's hips, suster. I hit siter pause button, freezing the action and squeezed my dick to keep from coming. How the hell had all this been going on without me knowing it? How long had it been going on, was the second thing I wondered about? Why hadn't I been invited to join in the family fun?

Would I fuck my sister or my own mother for that matter? Anywhere, anytime, and anyhow, my mind answered as I grinned broadly. A hard dick has no conscience and mine was like an iron bar at the moment. Just the thought of either one of them sucking my dick made it twitch in my hand. I had to figure out a way to get in on the action. I started the video again but kept my hands away from my dick. It wasn't long before mom was spanking Jenny's ass with full hard strokes of the strap-on. Dad had his tongue stuck out and let mom rub her pussy wherever she happened to hit.

Jenny was yelling at each stroke and pushing back to meet them.

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Jenny gave out with an even louder yell and came up on all fours. Mom moaned loudly and said, "Now Frank. Please, do it now. I could hear the squishing sound as his hips spanked her ass. Jenny made a sharp grunting sound as mom's hips rammed the strap-on in even deeper than before. Jenny had her head back down on the couch cushion and a double handful of sheet and comforter balled up above her head. Mom had her head thrown back and was making a strange gurgling moan deep in her chest. Dad was pounding into Nude slut sister with wild powerful strokes. My hand was on my dick again. I jerked my hand away Nude slut sister my dick as mom yelled, "Now Frank, now! His hand went to his dick as he lined the head up on mom's asshole.

My eyes went wide and then mom yelled at the top of her lungs as dad slammed his dick home in her ass. Jenny yelled as mom's weight came down on her back. I figured the strap-on dildo was jammed in her pussy at an odd angle or something. Dad fucked my mother ass with long, full, hard strokes. His dick would come out until just the head was in her asshole and then he would ram the full length of his dick back in. His hips were making a popping sound on mom's ass and Jenny was going crazy under both of them. A moment later, mom was yelling that she was coming and Jenny was just yelling, "Yes, yes, yes," repeatedly. Hot cum hitting me under the chin announced the arrival of my own orgasm.

At the same time, dad let out a long drawn out grunting growl as he came deep in mom's ass. I groaned as mom gave out with a loud incoherent yell as he did. Jenny was strangely quiet but her hips bucked and jerked under mom. I hit the pause key and leaned back in my chair. I felt light headed from my orgasm and strangely hyped from watching my whole family come together, literally. My mind was still trying to process what it had taken in. The hand on my dick stroked it lightly and slowly. Two barn-burning orgasms in a row had me sleepy and totally calm. I knew I had to clean up but at the moment, I didn't have the energy to even get out of my chair.

I leaned my head back and relaxed. I jumped up and ran to shut my door. I must have made it before anyone noticed because the sound of my sister laughing at something mom said went right on past without either of them pausing or stopping. Dad yelled for me, so I hastily grabbed a pair of shorts and opened the door a short ways. My eyes went to the computer screen and the picture of my whole family coming their brains out. I let out a sigh of relief as the desktop appeared. Dad's head appeared as he opened my door unannounced. Your sister wants to go swimming and has invited the family for a picnic. I groaned and got a dirty look from dad. So much for a lazy Sunday and the possibility of watching more of my family fucking each other's brains out.

I was frowning as I headed for the bathroom for a second shower in one night. I closed the door and slipped the shorts off. I was about to get in the shower when the door opened. Jenny laughed and asked, "How long are you going to be, I need to pee.

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