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And I really don't give a fuck what you laugh about in your free time. I'm saying that I liked it.

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Laughing means I liked it. I think the drawings in itself looks fine. You are defending datimg someone who is not on the offense. I like it, I think it's fun and funny, and I'm glad you took the time to make it. You keep asking if I like to make fun of things, but I'm telling you that that was my way of expressing how much I liked it. You seem eager to defend against nothing though, so I know you won't really read any of this and instead come back about how I am making fun of you. But I'm not. I like it a lot. I think it's funny.

Game dating flash note Death sim

I don't feel like trying Deahh have a conversation with someone who is locked into defense mode, so goodbye. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I really did like your game! Sadly there is no full download of it available at this time, though some people may have it on their computers. If you need a specific page you can ask me for it.

Tidbits of this book that have been translated on tumblr can be found in this tag. Blanc Et Noir Artbook Illustrations: Whether it belongs to flasb movie universe or counts as manga canon is debated hotly. L File No. I have scans, so feel free to inquire about details. Death Note Relight: Has an alternate end and does not count towards canon timeline. Death Note Relight 2: Also non-canon. Another Note x - Novel set before the manga.

Acknowledged as part of the manga timeline in HTR The first part of the live action adaptation. The Last Name x - Second part of the smi action adaptation. L change the WorLd novel x - The novelization of the third live action movie. Death Note New Generation x - A three part drama series set 10 years after the live action movies. It introduces the main characters to the fourth film in the continuity Light up the New World.

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